Think Love. Be Love. Part II

Think Love. Be Love.

Think Love. Be Love.

I recently wrote a blog post entitled Think Love. Be Love. It was about the signs of spiritual awakening. One of the signs was the ability to Stop Judging Others.

As I am bombarded with BOTH sides waving their flags in support of “their cause,” I cannot get this thought out of my head. I can only retreat to myself and Think Love. Be Love.

Today is not about hate. Today is not about being right. Today is not about who is wrong. Today is about today. For many this will be their last day on earth. Yes, it is true. People die every single day. If this is your last day, is this how you want to spend it? I think we should all stop for a brief moment and remember, at the core, we are all human. We all eat, breathe, dress ourselves, and function in the most basic ways…exactly the same. So why are we letting all of this hate dictate our relationships with each other?

I don’t feel the need to stand up for The Bible, today, more than any other day. I believe in it, attend (a loving and accepting) church, and study this work of literary achievement. I hope I stand for the Bible everyday by my actions and compassion towards all of God’s precious creatures. I also don’t feel the need to stand up for my gay and lesbian friends, today, more than any other day. They know how I feel about them. They know how I love them and wish them only love and happiness in this lifetime. They know, because we have had discussions. I have asked questions. They have explained what life is like FOR THEM. As a person with great compassion and a caring soul, I couldn’t dare begrudge them a single moment of the life I am entitled to live.

So, where does that leave folks like me? It must be difficult to believe in the Bible and have gay friends. I must be caught in the middle, right? WRONG! I am not caught in the middle at all. I believe in Christ. I believe in the Church. I also believe that my friends, no matter what their cross to bear, have the right to love and companionship. I believe this because that is the only God I serve and love.

I didn’t grow up this way, and it wasn’t through Facebook posts and profile pictures that I came to this conclusion. It was through learning, reading, and TALKING to one another in an effort to understand.
I suggest you try it.


About holliequeener

I am an author. Which is defined as "the person who originated or gave existence to anything." So in that sense, we are all authors of some sort. More specifically I am a writer of fiction. I am a member of the Romance Writer’s Association and an active Pine Mountain Poet Society member.
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3 Responses to Think Love. Be Love. Part II

  1. Well stated, Hollie… Best wishes.

  2. indytony says:

    I appreciate your wrestling with the passionate convictions of cause-oriented persons on both sides of this complex issue. Ironically, your stated aim to be “non-judgmental” ends with a very passive judgmental comment – “I suggest you try it.”

    Loving someone – gay or straight, child or adult, friend or foe – requires that we risk making judgments (as best we can) first about our own behavior and then about their behavior. Jesus says “Take the log out your own eye, then deal with the speck in the other’s eye.” He doesn’t say pretend the logs and splinters are okay until you and everyone else in society is blind.

    I do share your frustration that the level of debate is often full of hateful rhetoric rather than compassionate, reasonable discourse. When I have tried to engage in discussion on this level, it is either met with disinterest or my religious or psychological principles are called into question.

    I wish you well as you make good, loving judgments.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I disagree with your comment about my “you should try it” statement. Everyone should try talking to each other and listening, rather than just reducing issues to simple Facebook profile pictures and lump sum accusations. I do not feel the suggestion to have open conversation is judgmental at all.
      I appreciate you taking the time to share with me. Thank you and I wish you well…as always.

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