The “NOT Dedicated To” Dedication Page

Keep on Writing!

Keep on Writing!

Do you ever feel like you need a “Not Dedicated To” dedication page in your book?

You know, those people in your life that roll their eyes at the mention of your writing. They conveniently dismiss themselves from any conversation where your success is of topic. The ones that constantly doubt your skill with snide comments and obvious passive aggression. I have often said, “When I publish, I’m going to have a Not Dedicated to the following persons Dedication.” A place for all the “haters” to conveniently rot for eternity, in fine print.

Doubters and Skeptics are around every corner, especially as writers. Our work depends on the constant critique of agents, publishers, editors, and even our beloved audiences. As writers, we must rise above this low-level undercurrent of criticism. We must separate ourselves from negativity. I know, easier said than done, especially when it is a family member or close friend posing as the culprit. Jealousy is a very real emotion. When you are surrounded by those who do not wish you the best, this simple thought should carry you through those trying times …You are not responsible for their emotions.

My success can only be determined by me. I have often said, “If my writings never see the light of day, I will still write them.” I will write them because I enjoy it. I enjoy it, because I write for myself. If writers truly write from their innermost being, for no other reason than the sheer pleasure of the act, success begins the moment the first sentence is written.


About holliequeener

I am an author. Which is defined as "the person who originated or gave existence to anything." So in that sense, we are all authors of some sort. More specifically I am a writer of fiction. I am a member of the Romance Writer’s Association and an active Pine Mountain Poet Society member.
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1 Response to The “NOT Dedicated To” Dedication Page

  1. mouthfulofwords says:

    Well said! I know what you mean … although in my experience I’ve not had the haters so much as the doubters … Writer? Really? Anything published? – hmmm…
    It’s tough, and good for you to see past the haters, and know that whatever they’re feeling belongs to them and not you. We fear their judgement, when in fact it should be the opposite, they should shy away from ours for mocking our passion’s pursuit. No matter, I’d rather be in our shoes. Good luck with your endeavours and I look forward to discovering your blog. Btw, thank you for checking out mine, and following my trials and tribulations. I also have a website, and I’m trying to start a book club following, I’d love for you to comment if you see anything you like. Take care. K

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