Writers Should BE the Poetry


This poem captures the essence of what it means, to me, to be a writer:

One must love everything, be forgiving of shortcomings, question every lesson, and most of all one must stay true to themselves.

With every character vying for attention, with every critique’s crushing reality, with all the competition to be the “NEXT”, we, as writers, must let ourselves be the writing… or as Walt says… the poetry.


About holliequeener

I am an author. Which is defined as "the person who originated or gave existence to anything." So in that sense, we are all authors of some sort. More specifically I am a writer of fiction. I am a member of the Romance Writer’s Association and an active Pine Mountain Poet Society member.
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8 Responses to Writers Should BE the Poetry

  1. Excellent commentary on this very thought-provoking poem. Thanks for sharing this! Looking forward to more great posts from you. Take care.

    Jhobell Kristyl

  2. Susan Bahr says:

    I also believe that we need to support each other – that collectively, as writers, we can make the changes in this brutal industry that are so desperately needed. We have a voice, and a strong one, that can reach the publishers and editors and agents who so carelessly reject our work. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed. Sounds like I now have a motto!

  3. indytony says:

    I was not familiar with that Whitman poem. Thanks for posting it.

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  5. Hello!
    How are you doing? I just want to let you know that I featured this post of yours in my GREAT POST TUESDAY meme in my blog. Feel free to check it out at http://bookmavenpicks.wordpress.com/2013/01/29/writers-should-be-the-poetry-hollie-queener-great-post-tuesday/
    Take care!

    Jhobell Kristyl

  6. I am honored and I sincerely thank you for your kind words. This is more encouragement than I could have ever wished for!

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