I was surprised to learn: not everyone has voices in their head. Once again, easy on the WebMD diagnosis. Seriously, when I began to write I just simply sat down, laptop in tow, earbuds loud, and I began to type. I type at an exponentially high speed and have mad multi-task skills, thanks to my years on the “cube farm”, so the challenge was never keeping up. I could type as fast as they spoke. My characters were real; they have voices…actual voices. They are well-loved by me, and someday you will get to meet them. I didn’t outline, I didn’t plot, I didn’t character sketch. I knew them already. Now, some experts will say this is poor story structuring. Maybe? I’m certainly not an expert. However; I knew there were three people in my head that had something to say, and all I had to do was be a good listener (and typist). So that’s how Anna Leigh Livingston, Alexander Rogers, and Brady Parker were given life…outside my head.


About holliequeener

I am an author. Which is defined as "the person who originated or gave existence to anything." So in that sense, we are all authors of some sort. More specifically I am a writer of fiction. I am a member of the Romance Writer’s Association and an active Pine Mountain Poet Society member.
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  2. I love the explanation of your writing, because that’s how it was when I started to write. I would write feverishly for a few days, and then read it. I was always amazed, because I didn’t remember writing it. I wish it had been a simple three people in my head. No such luck. There are three entire tribes lurking in there, and they had loud voices. I have had to learn to send some of them to the far end of their land (more adventures to come) and concentrate on a few. Otherwise my novels would be as my first was before I learned to edit some out. 250,000 words! I know that is not acceptable now, but back then it was exciting, and those people who read it, and loved it inspired me to continue. Now I can plan a little ahead, but it has taken a lot of training on my part. Still something to do on those sleepless nights.

    • Thank you for your comment. It was a very surreal process to give way to those voices. 😉 I, too, have learned how to manage them…a little better. I wish you all the best and thank you for stopping by and reading about my journey!

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