As you may, or may not, know… QUERY is the process of submitting your “pitch” to prospective literary agents and publishers. The task of summarizing your 50,000 word masterpiece in less than a single page is nothing short of daunting, and I don’t consider myself over generous with my words; although, I’ll let you be the judge. But one thing is certain… The road to publishing is paved with rejection.
And this is my journey…

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  1. Thanks Hollie for stopping by ‘a word from malachi’ and choosing to follow. Hope you spend time reading more of the articles.

    God Bless
    brother malachi

  2. The Commonzense of Saint James says:

    I am honored that you are following my blog. I hope you will find something that I write that will interest you. Blessings~David

  3. You already know how that road is paved. But it’s lined with daffodils and tulips too, in a wide variety of colours!

    Thanks for following my blog. 🙂

  4. Cheri L. says:

    Thanks for following The Brass Rag! Have you taken a look at Query Shark? The blogger is an agent with FinePrint Literary Agency. It is a great site; a little ruthless, but very helpful. Careful, there are two sites out there with similar names. You want the one with a focus on query letters and pages upon pages of examples with critiques. Good luck with your writing. Come back and see us at TBR soon.

  5. indytony says:

    Thank you for taking the time to drop by and follow “A Way With Words”. I, too, am looking to publish. In about two weeks, I expect to have a working draft and am already starting to ask questions of published writers about how to evaluate literary agents and the necessary steps toward publication. One blog I would recommend you check out that I have found helpful in developing my skills as a writer and building relationships within the writing community is Today’s Author – http://www.todaysauthor.wordpress.com

    Thanks again and I wish you well.

  6. Hi there. Thanks for following my blog, http://prelovedbooksblog.com. As a freelancer writer and editor (facts only, thanks!), I’ve found that persistence pays off. It’s all about staying in the ring …!

  7. Thanks for visiting and following my site, http://www.conniesrandomthoughts.wordpress.com. I hope you enjoy the stories and my story of my path to publication.

  8. Patrice says:

    Thanks for following my blog, Whimsically Yours…best of luck on your publishing journey 🙂

  9. Hey! Thanks for following my little blog! I’m returning the favour. May we both experience the best of the publishing world! Cheers mate!! 😀

  10. Piscis says:

    It’s true – pitch lines are painful! Even the longer synopses are no better. Best of luck with yours!

  11. I appreciate you stopping by my blog, A Walk With Words. I learned a long time ago that we have to put on a tough skin. In the end, you will see it’s all worth it. Best of luck on your journey. Thank you for following my blog.

  12. Dave says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Hollie, and for following. I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog and am looking forward to your future posts. Good luck with your writing!

  13. yasniger says:

    Thanks for showing interest in what I put out too.
    I sincerely hope you continue to find my works entertaining & pleasurable.
    Be safe.

  14. Amy Duncan says:

    Thanks for following my blog, Hollie! I hope you’ll consider self-publishing as a possibility!

  15. Tess says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and following it! I’m glad you did, because your blog is SO interesting! Looking forward to reading how your querying journey goes. Aspiring writers unite! 🙂

  16. Thanks for following my blog at http://thefinalcurtain1.wordpress.com – Looking forward to more from your ‘query odyssey.’

  17. indytony says:

    Hey, sorry to leave this in your reply box, but…

    Thank you for following my blog – “A Way With Words” @


    I’ve been having some trouble with WordPress. I’m still posting daily. Keep visiting and I hope to have things worked out shortly.

    Thanks again,

  18. joyce koch says:

    Thank you Hollie for the message this A.M. Oops, my so-so computer skills are embarrassingly obvious. I am a relative newcomer to computers so my skills have not been honed yet. However I find your website interesting so would like to read what you have to say. Sorry again for the mixup. I have sent a message to Connie via her e mail address now.
    Joyce Koch

  19. Akanksha says:

    Glad to meet u here…Its nice to go through your posts 🙂

  20. C says:

    Hello Hollie! Thank you for passing by and following my blog. You have very interesting posts! Glad I got to see your blog. (: I hope to read more from you! Best wishes in everything.

  21. SJ Main says:

    Hi Hollie, I have nominated your interesting blog for the Liebster award – details are here http://sjmain.wordpress.com/2013/02/04/liebster-award/

  22. Best of luck on your publishing journey!

  23. katemsparkes says:

    Terrifying, isn’t it? I’m in the same position, except that I’m querying 101,000 words in one page (and finding a 1-page synopsis much more challenging than a teaser-query!). I’m going to follow your blog and your journey.


  24. Hi Hollie! I got my first novel published recently after literally years of trying – which just proves it can be done! I remember I didn’t used to like it when I was getting my rejection letters and people would say ‘you’ll get there in the end if you keep trying’ because it’s trite and some people don’t get there. But … if you don’t keep trying you definitely won’t get there, and what worked for me was to keep on keeping on – it was my second novel which finally found a publisher. Good luck!!

  25. Kathmandu says:

    Hi Hollie, I am about to follow you to learn about your experiences. I have just completed the draft of my first novel (50 thousand words). It should be finalised within the next 10 days or so. I guess I will have to look for a publisher perhaps in India. Let’s see. I will read your blog soon.

  26. Merci de suivre mon blog. Paix. v–0.o–v

  27. Thanks so much for following. And believe me, I’ve sent out a lot of queries in my time and can feel your pain. 😉

  28. And this will be my journey shortly as I start the submission process!! Thanks for the heads up x

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